Storm Damage & Clean up

Storm Damage:

Fallen or leaning trees can be very dangerous if they are not completely lying on the ground.
We highly recommend that a professional removes these trees. We have the knowledge and the liability insurance as well as the proper equipment to carefully remove cracked and fallen trees from the storm.
We will first assess the situation and see if the tree is simply lying on the ground.

Cracked or broken limbs hanging in the tree can be blown out of the tree and could hurt a person or cause property damage.

If the damaged tree is on the roof then call your insurance company to see if they will cover you for the cleanup. Make sure to document the damage with pictures.

Reroute ground traffic until a tree company can get out to remove the hazardous tree.

Clean up:

In the event of tree damage due to a storm we have the equipment and expertise available to assist in any size of clean up.